Nourhan: Great Recruiters Go Beyond CVs And Interviews

For DONE!Berlin, recruiting means building deep relationships with charismatic personalities, with talents and promising candidates. Only in this way can they truly introduce their clients to properly fitting people for open positions, and find the right jobs for candidates and help them to develop their careers.

October 9, 2022

That's why DONE!'s recruiting philosophy goes far beyond sourcing, passing on resumes and organising interviews. It is all about culture fit, but also about culture add - so that DONE!’s clients can continue to grow rapidly and stay ahead of competitors.

"I see my mission is not just about filling the job, but advising my candidates about their hidden talents or motivating them to do what they love and put them on the right track in the world of work”, says our colleague Nourhan Mersal. “This is the only way my clients can benefit from candidates and their new employees in the last step.”

Since April 2022 Nourhan has been responsible for the recruiting for clients such as Knauf Digital, OBI, WorldCoin, Any Fin, Dive Solutions, Ratepay, Inkitt, and Demecan. For the HR Consultant, recruiting means to exercise honest conversations, provide frequent and timely feedback, manage expectations, and keep in touch with both sides – clients and candidates. Communication is key to delivering a positive candidate experience. But Nourhan's goal is todo much more for the candidates. She is also their personal career coach and friend.

The Deep Dive Into Candidates

She guides and supports her candidates throughout the entire process from the start until they walk through the door of their new employers. Her advice includes how to create an excellent CV, how to make oneself heard in an upcoming interview, giving valuable insights of the company and tips on how to prepare.

Nourhan likes to get the best out of people. That is why she focuses on deep dives into candidates to understand what they are looking for in their next role, both in terms of personal and professional growth. For this reason she also asks them unusual questions such as “What are you dreaming about?”, “What was an experience that shaped you?” or “Tell me a funny episode from your life”. With these kinds of questions, Nourhan knocks down the usual course of conversation about the career path and work experience, gets to know the candidate as a human person, builds up a relationship as friend, finds out about the true value and hidden talents. Therefore, she needs a natural curiosity, empathy, good listening skills, and big picture thinking.

In addition, she stays in touch with rejected applicants, remembers small and positive details and strengths about them to be able to suggest other upcoming future openings to them. “The moment I love the most is when one of my candidates comes to say thank you for helping him or her to achieve his or her dream”, says Nourhan with enthusiasm about her job.

Personal Facts About Nourhan

Nourhan is not only a HR professional, but she brings a genuine passion for people and a strong belief in the potential of individuals. She is comfortable in a multicultural, diverse environment where she strives to find common interests, builds up trust and partnership to achieve common goals.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Nourhan is interested in humanity, psychology, body language and meditation. In addition, our recruitment expert already brings a multicultural background, as she is originally from Cairo. She loves traveling and is interested in cultural discovery, creative arts, painting, and crafts.

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