Enhance your People and Culture skills to drive business success.
Access all the valuable insights and best practices from 800 benchmark companies in one Academy.

About the Academy

Our Academy is designed to make knowledge in the area of People & Culture easily accessible. We offer hands-on training opportunities and the best practice from HR experts.

Through customized mentoring and interactive learning content, we empower you or your people team to reach their full potential.

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People & Culture Academy

Best practices from HR experts worked with

Our mission is to empower companies and their employees to achieve their highest potential.


Who is the People & Culture Academy suitable for?

New Teams:
Are you currently establishing your HR department or integrating new team members who require additional HR expertise?

New Methods:
Is your team facing the challenge of introducing new methods, tools, and AI technologies?

New Objectives:
Is your company in the midst of a growth wave or needing to stabilize existing processes and structures, demanding rapid acquisition of new skills from your employees?

Reflection on Collaboration:
Has your team been working together for an extended period and needs fresh insights and input to continue growing?

The People & Culture Academy is the solution to these requirements. Find out how we create individual development paths for each team member by mastering the challenges of the modern corporate landscape.

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Elevate your People & Culture career and benefit from 20 years of practical experience in the start-up, SME’s and scale-up world.

Format: Join 10 live calls addressing key challenges (each course focuses on one of our modules), and connect with experts. Our closed community group ensures a collaborative learning environment. Don't miss this opportunity for practical expertise and networking.
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Exclusive price 3.400 €
Workshop & Training
Explore two training days designed for small teams of up to 10 people. Gain hands-on practical insights and acquire tangible action plans, checklists, and templates.
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Exclusive price 18,000 €
Individual Mentoring
Dive into an individual 1:1 mentoring experience with 10 one-on-one sessions and benefit from personal mentoring, sparring on modern methods as well as specific solutions for your professional development.
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Exclusive price 1,350€
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Explore the content

Customize your learning experience by combining modules based on your individual needs.
Module 1
Module 2
Performance Management & Employee Development
Module 3
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
Module 4
Employee Retention
Module 5
Leadership & Management
Module 6
Organizational Design & Development
Module 7
HR Strategy, Vision & Mission
Module 8
New Work & Corporate Culture
Module 9
People Analytics & Optimization
Module 10
Process Automation & AI
Take control of your People & Culture career and leverage two decades of practical expertise – an opportunity like no other!
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FAQ - People & Culture Academy

How long does the People & Culture Academy program last?

The online courses run for around 10 weeks. The duration of the workshop & training format is flexible and is tailored to your team's goals and availability. Whether in an intensive workshop format or through individual mentoring sessions, we adapt to enhance the performance of you or your team on a personal level.

Is the People & Culture Academy conducted on-site?

The People & Culture Academy is designed as a blend of in-person modules and online sessions that complement each other. During the clarification of the assignment, we collaboratively decide which modules are relevant for you, ensuring a personalized proposal at the end. The Online Courses are digital. 

What are the costs for the People & Culture Academy?

The price depends on the scope of the People & Culture Academy program, a decision we make together during the clarification of the assignment.

Can the People & Culture Academy be repeated for the same team?

Team challenges evolve rapidly, so the People & Culture Academy can be revisited with new topics to meet the changing needs of your team. We are committed to adapting to the dynamics of your team over time.

In which language is the content available?

The workshops and mentoring sessions can be held in German or English based on your preference. The online courses are in English.

What do businesses like Airbnb, N26, Volocopter and Share have in common?

They've all leveraged 20 years of specialized insights from our distinctive People & Culture experts. Choose your path: online courses, mentoring or workshops, for you or your team.

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