Bring HR To The Next Digital Level

Today, people analytics and digital knowledge are must-haves because they ensure an agile, transparent and efficient work style. This can include time tracking, task and performance management, sourcing, hiring, on-boarding, corporate culture, employee engagement and much more.

October 13, 2021

Excellent Digital Management Of Your Culture And People

We have been working with a variety of tools for years and have tested several HR softwares during this time. Furthermore, we are in contact with many providers and work with the best. Our strategic consulting and partnerships help HR departments to advance their digitalisation quickly and goal-oriented. We now start introducing the People & Culture Platform of our new partner CultureAmp.

The People & Culture Platform Of CultureAmp

This software collects all employee input through performance reviews, surveys and reports, analyses it and presents it clearly laid out on a dashboard. In this way, an HR manager quickly understands how each individual employee in the company is doing and where problems are: For example, why the general employee engagement is below expectations, what top performers are missing, why talents have resigned, what the mood in individual teams is like or how special initiatives for diversity or inclusion have developed.

The current employee data is also compared with recent surveys, so that positive and negative trends become visible. Furthermore, a benchmark analysis helps to compare one’s own results with other companies, coming from the same industry. Then you know how well you are able to stand up to the competition and how far you are in danger of losing your talents.

But the system also allows you to have a deep dive into the data. To get a better understanding of particular figures, you can read each employee comment that has led to this particular result.

Your insight knowledge can be shared directly with executives or team leads via the platform. For that, the system generates automatically significant charts. Thus, the manager gets a good understanding how his team is doing.

In case an action plan is needed to support your team, you can leverage learnings from thousands of HR professionals who have archived their best practices on the CultureAmp platform. So you get useful information about what worked for other teams around the globe. Their collective intelligence and solutions help you to make a real change for your employees.

This software is worldwide used by companies, such as airbnb, yelp, slack or Oracle. These valuable analytics and digital insights have brought HR departments to the next level. The tool also helps you to set up your surveys to generate data and already provides different questionnaires that can be adapted for your individual purpose. The advantages are simple handling, intuitive features, the holistic approach and you see immediately what’s working well and what isn’t. That way you can quickly focus and prioritise on the right projects that really matter. This software is particularly suitable for large or decentralised organisations.

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