Implement Pioneering Spirit in HR

The aviation company Volocopter is well aware that the enterprise can only stay ahead in this fiercely competitive environment if it maintains its pioneering spirit in terms of engineering services and innovative strength. Furthermore, Volocopter’s pioneering spirit must be deep-seated in every single employee’s mindset and part of the company culture especially as the company grows.

September 29, 2022
A healthy corporate culture greatly influences employee satisfaction and thus the success of a company. It is the key for economic growth, says our founder Cornelia Hoppe. A good, flourishing company culture helps create greater self-motivation, creativity and innovation. The team will think outside the box, tackle things proactively, ask critical questions, and ultimately, be an active part of the company’s development.

Together with the Volocopter management, DONE! carried out many innovative HR projects and supported gender diversity within the company. Women bring unique perspectives and valuable opinions to the teams. They think and approach projects differently than men would carry out the same jobs. These differences will lead to questions, discussions and more brainstorming within the teams that will ultimately contribute to their successes. An excellent performing team needs diversity, not only in gender, but also in working style, soft skills and nationalities.

The big advantage of Volocopter is the company’s start-up character in comparison to traditional aviation companies. Volocopter has flat structures and hierarchies, and small, flexible and family-like teams. Volocopter plans to sharpen this existing modern culture and foster collaboration and inclusion. Inclusion creates added value, ensures more understanding and solidarity, and promotes human interaction. In addition, the DONE!-team wanted to establish a culture of constructive criticism.

Because without mistakes, there is no learning. Without learning, there is no progress. Those who have never failed, have never tried something new, says Cornelia Hoppe.

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