Triumphing Against The Odds: DONE!Berlin Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Cheers. Pride. Gratitude. DONE!Berlin is celebrating its 10th birthday today. It's the perfect occasion to take a peek at our unique journey. Who would have guessed about the Christmas party in a Trabi limousine or our grand opening in Cape Town?

October 1, 2023

The Beginning With An Atypical Female Founder 

On October 1st, Cornelia Oelling, formerly Hoppe, founded her boutique consultancy. Just like that. No business plan. No employees. No name. But loads of experience in HR consulting, having worked with giants like Hays, Lidl, StepStone, PwC, and Springstar.

Her mission: to do everything differently. And that includes not always needing a plan. It's about swiftly and successfully tackling tasks and challenges. Her motto: Can't be done? We haven't heard of it. The perfect match for the fast-paced startup world in Berlin and around the world.

Rapid Growth And International Expansion

No surprise that this mindset birthed the name DONE!Berlin. We got ourselves a website and logos – and hired our first employees in 2014: beginning with Clara Ruiz, followed by team members such as Myrto Tzani, Nataly Shuster and Alina Malitz who are part of the management team today.

In addition, the big players have come knocking at our door:

·     In 2015, we helped N26 rapidly scale from 50 employees to 400 professionals. Simultaneously, we established the appropriate organisational structures and understood N26's future needs.

·     In 2016, we expanded internationally by opening a branch in Cape Town. Just two years later, our team provided valuable advice to the esteemed American client, CASPER, collaborating with their New York management team and facilitating their expansion into Germany.

·     In 2019, CLARK, the insurance manager, joined our roster. We’ve built the team in Frankfurt and executed the first training sessions for leaders, not knowing there will be a second round of interim management in 2022.  

·     In 2020, VOLOCOPTER became a client. Together with the Volocopter team, we executed numerous innovative HR projects and actively supported gender diversity initiatives within the company.

·     In 2020, TIERARZT PLUS PARTNER became a trusted partner and returning client, setting the foundation for an exciting journey ever since. Together we have achieved remarkable feats, including hiring key roles for their headquarter, seamlessly implementing key systems, empowering the HR team through comprehensive trainings and leading the HR team on an interim basis.

·     Since 2022, we have been partnering with THE QUALITY GROUP, ESN, and More Nutrition to strengthen their HR department. We've been instrumental in the recruitment of over 300 talented individuals, the establishment of streamlined processes and structural enhancements within interim HR leadership roles we took over. 

·     This year, we embarked on an exciting journey with ISAR AEROSPACE, an innovative aerospace company. Our collaboration began with a focus on enhancing their tech recruiting efforts. We're eagerly anticipating where this partnership will take us, fueled by curiosity and a shared commitment to pushing boundaries.

New Management Team And New Chances Despite The Pandemic

Revenue and profits have been growing by 40 percent annually. So, it was time to expand the management team. On January 1, 2020, our two new Managing Partners, Marie Kanellopulos and Janet Haupka, took charge.

Even though their start coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, they saw it as an opportunity and expanded the business despite all obstacles. Today, DONE!Berlin boasts over 40 employees, operates in 16 countries, and has already placed over 5,000 talents. We now advise not only startups but also corporate giants like H&M, Accenture and Knauf, as well as medium-sized companies like Tierarzt Plus Partner and Danpower.

Our Most Important Characteristic 

Fun, fun, and more fun at work. That also goes for our countless team events and celebrations, like our Christmas party in a Trabi limousine, helicopter rides, trips to Barcelona, and epic parties in Berlin...and, of course, for our 10th birthday bash!!!

Thank You To All Of You

Today, we also want to express our gratitude to all our clients for our collaboration over the past 10 years. Our special thanks go to our team. Without our employees, our growth, daily joy in our work, and our exciting visions for the future wouldn't be possible.

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