Sustainability Is An Employer Branding Advantage

The topic of sustainability gains importance for employees. They are looking for purpose. To become an employer of choice, you should think about integrating sustainability in your organisation.

September 29, 2022

But how to start with sustainability in your company? The easiest way is to begin with your work environment and your office. Especially Gen Y and Z will appreciate such an approach. In addition, a sustainable work environment will positively influence the physical and mental health, as well as employees’ focus and inspiration. Furthermore, energy efficient offices will help to reduce costs.

What Can An Employer Do?

  • switch to green electricity
  • time switches for lights at corridors and toilettes
  • use recycling materials, for example for stationery and furniture or rent office equipment
  • use sustainable cleaning material and bio soaps
  • start with waste separation
  • place many plants in the office
  • switch to sustainable email accounts, for example from Posteo
  • offer sustainable mobile phones, for example from Fairphone or Shiftphone
  • have sustainable mobile phone contracts, for example with WEtell or Goood
  • start an initiative with your team to make your office climate-neutral

What Can Teams Do For More Sustainability?

  • any email uses energy. For example, one email without attachment already produces 10g CO2. For comparison that is the same carbon footprint as one plastic bag is causing. While working digital, we should be aware of that
  • reduce your digital footprint by deleting all unnecessary emails, photos or films or store them on a hard disk
  • if possible reduce attachments before sending them
  • cancel unwanted newsletters
  • use sustainable search engines such as Ecosia or Gexsi. They plant trees for every search query
  • use your smartphone via WLAN in the office
  • switch of your laptops and computers during lunch and in the evening before leaving
  • use air cons, heaters and lights in a sustainable way
  • try to avoid plastic packaging while eating breakfast, lunch or dinner at the office
A green authentic brand perception will help you with recruiting and retaining talents. Sustainability might become key around the war of talents in the next coming years.

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