Sofia: Agility Is A Must-Have For Our Clients

In keeping up with changes, there’s the need to be agile, to adapt fast to new trends and always be on top of them. But what can Human Resource do to promote and support agility within the company?

October 9, 2022
“Working with us means putting your recruitment process in good, experienced hands. We don’t just guide our clients on different HR topics, we take the time to listen and understand their needs”, says our colleague Sofia De Nadai. “And we are challenging the status quo and making our clients rethink the way they work every day - for their own good, because markets are changing fast in these unprecedented times. It is crucial for their businesses to keep their ears and minds open and to stay above competitors.”

Our colleague Sofia has been working for DONE! since June 2021. As HR Consultant she has been taking care of the end-to-end recruitment for clients such as Doctolib,, Kenbi, Knauf Digital, Volocopter and Upday. Meaning Sofia is responsible for direct sourcing, CV screening, interviews, coordination of the whole recruitment process and consulting clients to find the best recruitment strategy.

HR Drives Changes From Inside

First of all, the HR team has to be agile itself. It should be the first department to change its self-image. Team members should not rely on dedicated roles such as recruiter or HR operation anymore, but thinking outside the box, identifying relevant needs and implementing fitting measures. For example, in a world of remote or hybrid recruiting processes and working, of skilled labour shortage and of crisis, HR has to move towards digitalisation and employee experience, and to take care of people’s resilience.

HR managers will move from being one person responsible for one topic to a team-based and cross-functional working unit. In a sense that HR acts similar to a product owner and considers what is strategically important within and for the company, helping to deliver to the business and to solve problems.

In addition, HR enables employees to work agile – meaning to work independently, flexibly, interdisciplinary and in iterations – and creates the right processes and culture for an agile company.  It is a culture that works across hierarchies and divisions. It is all about networking and active shaping. Employees should develop a mindset that understands change as a permanent condition.

“Agility is no longer a smart add-on, it is a must-have with which our clients stay productive, innovative and attractive”, says Sofia. “For me, HR has always had the duty to design modern work structures, and adapt to new trends. In doing so, HR professionals have become change managers. It is all about to drive change from inside.”

Personal Facts About Sofia

Outside of work, Sofia loves traveling and is interested in gender equality and cultures. She herself was born in Italy, but feels more of a world citizen. Furthermore, she values respect, trust and a healthy laugh over a good joke. In life as at work, the power of a good laugh should never be underestimated.

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