Red Flags For Applicants During Job Interviews

Studies indicate that applicants can be discouraged by certain factors and questions during a job interview. So what are the red flags for applicants?

May 12, 2023

Red flag factors and questions

·     Working conditions are unattractive, e.g., lack of remote or hybrid work, lack of development opportunities, or lack of work-life balance.

·     Job responsibilities change during the application process.

·     Strictly timed and organised interviews: when the interviewer strictly follows a prepared interview guide without really listening to what the candidate has said.

·     Interviewers are reserved, unclear, or not well-prepared, e.g., they cannot provide direct insight into the job description, team, or department.

·     Giving false expectation, for example regarding the salary, a positive outcome of the interview process, the company culture and future team.

·     Interviewers ask the same questions too often or use inappropriate terminology such as "work hard, play hard".

·     Disorganised interview process: interview process takes too long, applicants do not receive feedback in timely manner, or interviewers give unrealistic timelines for the hiring process.

·     Candidates don't like it when the corporate culture or work environment is described as "we are a family." Many associate this phrase with fuzzy boundaries, an exaggerated sense of loyalty, and a lack of ownership.

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