Panos: Today A Feel Good Management Is Essential

Our colleague Panagiotis Stefanidis is a recruiting expert and at the same time he is very committed to a Feel Good Management at companies. You might ask, who needs a feel good manager and a strategy for more employee's happiness? Probably most companies. Today many employees are in a state of "Quite Quitting", of being dissatisfied and unhappy.

October 9, 2022
"Quiet Quitting" is the new buzzword in the media. Is it overrated? "Absolutely not," says our colleague Panos. “The atmosphere of “Quiet Quitting” or general unhappiness has developed in many companies because employees are not given constructive feedback, advancement opportunities, stretch assignments, significant raises or a voice in the direction of the company.”

Our colleague Panos has been working for DONE! since September 2021. As HR Consultant, he has been taking care of clients such as True Node, Ratepay, Parcelly, and Cepres and is responsible for recruiting, client management, HRIS implementation, consulting – and feel good strategies.Feel Good Management is the HR topic and task that really inspires Panos: “I love making people smile, laugh and feel comfortable in their life and workplace.” And this commitment is urgently needed given the current zeitgeist of “Quiet Quitting” or even worse: the Big Quit or Great Resignation.

What Are The Factors of A Feel Good Strategy

If Panos develops a Feel Good Factor Strategy for his clients, he starts with a survey and 1:1 interviews to find out why employees are satisfied, what they appreciate about their employer and their work, but also why they are unhappy and what their neglected needs are. His strategy will always have a holistic approach to create a healthy, motivated, and appreciative working environment in the long run.

Measures to implement his Feel Good Strategy include building blocks such as adapted employee benefits, flexible working hours, team (building) events, conflict resolution, building well-being, health, fitness, work-life balance and at the same time resilience against negative stress, employees’ development and education, and shaping a corporate culture that integrates the needs of employees.

As Panos is also responsible for recruiting, he especially takes care of newbies. He ensures that the recruiting and on-boarding process is an excellent employee experience. If new employees start in a remote or hybrid work environment, it is a challenge to make them comfortable in their home offices, to strengthen their loyalty to their new employer, and ensure that they develop their full potential.

“It is all about checking on the newbies on a regular basis, being empathic and supportive, giving helpful impulses, and listening carefully”, says Panos.

In short: companies need well thought-out “feel good management” in order to retain talents, to develop a productive workforce, to remain attractive and competitive.

Personal Facts About Panos

Panos originally comes from Kavala in Greece. That is why he is interested in Hellenic and Roman culture and history. But he also enjoys politics, philosophy, art, and food. In addition, Panos is very committed to environmental protection and has already taken on two honorary posts: for the Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal and for Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association.

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