New Leadership Mindset: How To Solve Problems In Uncertain Times

Nowadays, market conditions are changing rapidly. That is why it is important for leaders to adapt to these uncertain times and develop to a constant problem solver. But what kind of mindset do they need for that?

June 8, 2023

Six necessary leadership approaches:

·      VISIONARY APPROACH: To navigate through volatile times, leaders should have a clear vision. By outlining a compelling vision for the future, teams know the direction at least – even if they haven't found the way yet to fulfil the vision.

·      NEVER STOP QUESTIONING: Routines do not help in uncertain times. On the contrary: Put a question mark behind everything you and your team are doing, behind hypotheses or behind first solutions to problems. Widen the angle of potential answers and solutions.

·      FORSTER CURIOSITY: Curiosity drives creativity because curiosity leads to questions and to experiment with new ideas. Therefore, foster curiosity in your team.

·      NO FEAR OF ERRORS: Solving problems in today's world also means “trial and error” because nobody knows the solution. The approach, which is needed, means trying things out, quickly evaluating, and letting the results flow back into the problem solution. Therefore, successful problem solving requires constant experimentation based on data to find the optimal solutions.

·      BRAINSTORMING OUTSIDE YOUR TEAM: You and your team have certain expertises and work styles. Sometimes, however, it is not enough to solve future problems. By widening our way of thinking and approach, we can better develop new radical ideas and possibilities. That is why your own team should collaborate with other specialists outside the company and industry.

·      COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE IS THE KEY: We are moving from an era of individual leaders to an era of networked leadership teams to be able to find the best solutions for any existing and for future problems.

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