More Diversity In Your Company

Diversity has many faces such as gender, racial, ethical, age and ability. Here are our tips to implement diversity in the workforce.

September 29, 2022

Corporate Culture

Diversity is not simply an HR program, a talent acquisition strategy or a compliance issue. It has to do with an incredible cultural change. The team has to live up to core values such as respect, tolerance, appreciation, loyalty, trust, modesty, mutual support, and many more.


A diversity scorecard might help to review the diversity status of the company at any time. On the one hand you are able to check on the quantitative parts, such as how many women and minorities are hired, retained, and promoted; on the other hand you can also monitor the qualitative aspects such as mentoring and training.


If companies operate around the world, local ambassadors are of great help because diversity can be different in Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil or South Africa. Therefore local people are needed. These are volunteers who get trained and knowledgeable to cascade the diversity discussion in all sites. They are making recommendations to the local management about diversity initiatives. In addition, they can share best practices they have developed for their regions with their ambassadorial colleagues around the world.

CEO Support And Budget

To get more diversity implemented into the company, support from the CEO is essential. The CEO has the real power, sets the priorities for the company and has the influence to have people hear them. Furthermore, a Head of Diversity needs a budget, otherwise she or he will not be successful to implement diversity programs and change the company culture.


Next to setting goals for your local or international diversity program and activities, you should also link diversity to business metrics and business growth. Through visible success, diversity gains more and more importance and acceptance among the management and all employees.

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