Maya: Human Relations Are Key in HR – Despite All Digitalisation

Digitisation can no longer be stopped in the field of human resources: the introduction of electronic personnel files, the use of data for HR management, the use of chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) to support recruitment processes. This is the new normal in HR departments. Still, Big Data, AI and machines can never replace humans.

October 27, 2022
Our colleague Maya Kuperman agrees: "Human relationships will never stop being important and cannot be replaced by robots or softwares. I think the industry will grow because the jobs out there are getting more specific and complicated, and it takes a lot of experience, intuition and talent to find the right candidates for the right company."

Maya has started as HR Consultant in February 2022. At DONE! she is a recruiter and has been leading projects for clients such as Inkitt, The Quality Group, Worldcoin, and Knauf IT. In finding the right talent for the right job, she works every day with many digital tools. Of course, she experiences that these tools make her work life easier and more efficient. Therefore, she has more time for the really important things: the personal exchange with candidates and her clients. And yet she also knows that it is always the human being who has to check the data again and cannot rely solely on the information and interpretation of the data by AIs.

Important Human Characteristics Cannot Be Removed by Digitalisation

The AI software can not only tailor job advertisements to the desired target group and place them appropriately, but it also extracts relevant information from applicants’ CVs, matches them with the job advertisement and thus makes an initial pre-selection for the recruiters. And that is where the danger is because the technology can make wrong decisions, filter suitable and unsuitable talent in the recruiting process, or communicate in a way that is in line with values and the employer brand in its chatbot function. Further, the question is, can an AI recognise hidden talent that a recruiter evaluates in the personal conversations with the candidate.

"In my opinion, AI tools will not replace humans as recruiters. In addition, they will not be able to reduce biases in personnel selection”, says Maya. "Of course, humans also struggle with biases, but they can be better trained because they see and understand context and have ethical values. That's why HR managers must always question digitally created results and check them on the basis of our ethics and personal empathy.”  

Personal Facts About Maya

Maya, originally from Israel, has been living in Germany for over 10 years. She has lived and worked in our capital city almost all the time since then, and you could say that she has become half Berliner by now.

Outside of work, Maya is also a published poet who enjoys reading and writing. She studied Comparative Literature and Gender Studies at Tel Aviv University, and her chosen bachelor's degree also underlines her appreciation that she works in a company that is led by two women. That is a huge factor for her.

In addition, she also loves running by the sea when possible, especially with her mini Poodle puppy, named Pungo. Coffee is her passion, along with baking extremely sweet cakes and cookies and singing karaoke.

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