Luna: Mentoring Is An Important Onboarding Tool

A well-organised on-boarding journey leads to higher job satisfaction, increases commitment and performance levels, as well as, will determine how long new employees will stay with the company. For our colleague Luna Agunyo, it is worth investing time to deliver an excellent on-boarding experience and include mentoring in the process.

January 19, 2023

Luna joined DONE!Berlin in November 2021. Since then she has been a consultant for clients such as DONE!Financials, Kenbi or Knauf Digital and has been responsible for their recruiting processes. In addition, Luna manages the internal on-boarding for new DONE! employees. That is one of her favourite projects because it has allowed her to become a mentor.

“When I started at DONE! I had an amazing mentor myself. It is great to have someone by your side who can help you out when you have questions or need support with a task or a project”, says Luna. “Starting a new job and especially starting a new job in a completely new field can be tough. I am convinced that a really good on-boarding process and an engaging mentor are keys for a better retention.”

Mentoring Is Beneficial For the Mentee As Well As For The Mentor

A mentoring program is a long-term training for new employees and has become an essential part in any on-boarding process.On one hand it is helpful to guide new team members through the first weeks, on the other hand it creates a high level of engagement. Mentoring improves the on-boarding and ensures a faster training of the newbies.

In addition, it is a great opportunity to develop your high potentials and teach them leadership skills. Because mentors have to structure the content, set up performance standards, and define qualitative and quantitative goals with the new colleagues. They also need to define a specific agenda for each mentoring session. These responsibilities lead to qualified leadership skills and prepare for future leadership roles. To do a successful job, it's necessary that mentors have enough capacity to take care of the mentees.

“Due to my own experiences, to become a mentor was an exciting development step for me. To be entrusted with that much responsibility at a young age is a privilege and an honour, and I enjoy every second of it”, adds Luna.  

Personal Facts About Luna

Born and raised in Frankfurt, Luna has always been a child of the city. She enjoys café hopping and exploring new locations. Moreover, Luna is interested in reading, art and watching films. But her two dogs are the biggest affair of her heart. She is a proud dog mom.

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