Katrin: Virtual Consultancy Needs Trust And Cultural Fit

The current, often purely virtual consulting situation is often difficult for clients and consultants. To ensure a successful cooperation you have to build up trust and a "we feeling” between both partners. Read more about Katrin's experiences how she manages a well working, virtual cooperation with her clients.

June 14, 2023

Our colleague Katrin Henke is Senior Consultant at DONE!Berlin and has been looking after clients like The Quality Group, Kenbi, Dr Smile, NIRx and many other customers. As one of our recruiting specialists, Katrin brings with her several years of experiences in different HR roles from Talent Acquisition to Culture Consultant, so she has become a HR generalist over the time. Now she would like to share her tips with us on how virtual consulting works well in People & Culture.

Mutual Agreement And Understanding Are Keys

For Katrin, it is important that both partners have a similar understanding of the way of working and cultural values. That is why both organisations should structure their work in the same way and use the same result oriented methods. For this reason, consultant and client establish clear goals and expectations, as well as digital and transparent processes.

At the beginning of the collaboration, it is necessary to install a well running knowledge transfer, to define roles and responsibilities, a feedback culture and contact persons. Moreover, the work style should be based on values such as respect, honesty, openness, empathy, and trust.

A common understanding of goals and expectations, of processes, structures, methods and values makes it possible that the HR consultant is able to work independently of a client, but to the same time delivering appropriate results and ensuring reliability through clear agreements and transparency. Thereby, building up trust is the key in a virtual consulting situation.

Personal Facts About Katrin

Katrin’s motto: Do it, before you regret not doing it. That’s why she never misses a chance to get to know new people, countries and cultures. As a person that loves traveling, she is always searching for new adventures and opportunities. It makes her happy to step out of her comfort zone and explore something new. She is a creative person by heart, and luckily she has the chance to balance her creativity with her passion for people at the same time. She can't wait to see what life offers her next!

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