Janet: What Are The Crucial Factors For A Successful Diversity Program?

Many companies have already integrated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) measures into their strategies. However, some fail to establish their activities. This can lead to employees may be disappointed by the results and even consider quitting because of it.

May 12, 2023

How can DEI be successfully implemented and be measured?

·     BASIC REQUIREMENTS: DEI is always designed as a long-term program. It needs a sustained commitment and no separate initiatives. In addition, it has to be implemented in the entire organisation.


·     LEADERS NEED STRONG INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Inclusion and equity come to life through leadership behaviours. Diverse talents are unlikely to stay if their leaders do not make them feel that they belong.

·     CONTINUOUS COACHING and overall unconscious-bias-trainings are essential for a successful DEI implementation.

·     TRANSFORM YOUR CULTUR: For DEI, enterprises need a corporate culture with values such as trust, integrity, empathy, tolerance, and respect. This also includes speaking in a gender-neutral way in the office or developing an inclusive office language.

·     ADAPT YOUR RECRUITING: To establish diversity means to proactively recruit talents from diverse backgrounds for every vacancy.

·       INVOLVE LOCAL AMBASSADORS AND EXPERTS: They are helpful for decentralised or international organisation because DEI may encounter different challenges and reservations in different regions around the globe.

·     COLLECT DATA: To measure the success of your DEI activities, you should collect data such as the percentage of employees from underrepresented groups or employee turnover rate to set your KPIs. Moreover, data can be used to monitor, for example, how many women or other minorities have been hired, retained, and promoted; or how many DEI trainings have been held.

·     CONDUCT SURVEYS TO MEASURE EMPLOYEE'S PERCEPTION of the organisation's culture, inclusiveness, and diversity efforts. This can provide valuable insights into how employees perceive the company's efforts and whether they believe they are making a difference.

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