Do you know "A Decade of Start-up Wisdom”?

No? Well, it's about time you do! Because that's the title of the new book by our founder, Cornelia Oelling, formerly known as Hoppe. “A Decade of Start-up Wisdom” highlights the remarkable and unconventional journey of DONE!Berlin.

October 4, 2023

Why this book? It's quite simple. Cornelia has experienced so many wonderful and crazy moments in the startup scene over the past 10 years that she just had to put these stories on paper. In 16 short stories, she shares the ups and downs, the learnings and failures, the wild moments, and the emotional ones. Written down by the well-known author Mirna Funk. It’s for sure not getting boring.

Her short stories touch on topics like recruiting, (meeting) culture, off-sites, or even layoffs, but they're told in a totally unorthodox way: candid, fictional, humorous, and highly entertaining. Such startup stories haven't been seen in the German book market before.

The result is a must-read for all entrepreneurs and founders, and those aspiring to become one. But it's also for anyone who wants to dive into the fictive world of startups. It's set to be released on Friday, October 6th. You can get more information and pre-order the book at

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