Dimitrios: Future-Oriented Tech-Recruiting Ensures Competitiveness

Today every company is undergoing digital transformation. For this to be successful, qualified IT professionals are needed. Enter Dimitrios Kouiouris, a seasoned Senior HR Consultant at DONE!Berlin, specializing in the intricate realm of Tech-Recruiting. In this article Dimitrios sheds light on what makes his job so special and how he supports customers in their tech talent search.

December 7, 2023

For nearly two years, our colleague Dimitrios has been an invaluable asset for DONE!Berlin. He is a Senior HR Consultant for clients like Knauf IT or The Quality Group. His expertise lies in sourcing exceptional candidates in the IT and technology sectors, ranging from programmers and UX/UI designers to data analysts, developers, and system administrators.

To be able to recruit tech professionals that meet specific requirements, Dimitrios must have a good knowledge of the IT industry. That is why he follows current technology trends, knows programming languages, tools and platforms - and knows what talent customers need now and in the future.

But he also knows the other side: Dimitrios has a deep understanding of what makes IT experts tick, what needs they have and what is important to them about their work. He himself has worked for an analytics database management software company. He also has a good network in the tech scene.

But let's hear it from Dimitrios himself:

Why specialise in Tech-Recruiting? What makes it so enjoyable?

Dimitrios: It fascinates me to witness how companies leverage innovative technology, especially those at the forefront, like many of our startup clients. Technology is ingrained in the DNA of these companies, driving the constant evolution of their products, services, and processes. Working with rapidly growing, dynamic companies and placing talented individuals to contribute to their success is incredibly rewarding. I enjoy being part of this transformative journey.

Dimitrios, you come from a traditional headhunting background. How different is Tech-Recruiting at DONE!Berlin?

Dimitrios: It's quite different indeed. Rather than simply receiving a client's job profile and initiating the search, I first delve into understanding the HR manager's and department's needs. It's not just about qualifications and technology skills; it's about foreseeing how the department and the sought-after position will evolve. What skills will be crucial in 3 to 5 years? How realistic is it to find a candidate matching the ideal profile?
Then I start advising the customer. We work together and define which skills are important and what options there are to fill the open position. For instance, if a company aims to establish a specialised IT department and is seeking a leadership role for that division, often they prefer to have an all-rounder: someone with engineering expertise and at the same time leadership experience. Then we need to carefully consider which skills are truly vital for building and advancing the new team.
Moreover, the tech industry is ever-changing. Proactive recruitment and strategic planning are essential. As a Tech-Recruiter, staying informed and understanding the industry's future direction is paramount.

What's your personal formula for success?

Dimitrios: Building a strong relationship with the company is key. Understanding the industry and the organisation thoroughly, both present and future, is crucial. Simultaneously, maintaining proximity to tech talents is vital for offering sound advice to our clients. Additionally, my network plays a significant role.

Do tech talents need different skills today compared to a decade ago?

Dimitrios: Absolutely. In digital jobs, soft skills have gained immense significance. Communication, empathy, passion, tolerance, and flexibility are now pivotal. Impeccable resumes and hard skills alone are no longer decisive, as IT specialists often manage cross-functional projects, must align all stakeholders, and must take the lead to bring the project to a successful conclusion.
Many companies also want to further develop these new employees and expand their potential so that they can one day take on management positions. That's why I also must check whether the soft skills that make a good manager are present.

What was your most exciting professional experience?

Dimitrios: Hiring 100 key talents for Knauf IT in various roles within a year stands out. From process managers and system architects to project managers, contributing to Knauf IT's strategic growth was incredibly thrilling.

Thank you, Dimitrios, for sharing these invaluable insights. In today's landscape, no company can thrive without effective Tech-Recruiting, a crucial component for driving digital transformation and preparing for the challenges of the future.

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