Aviel: Successful Recruiting Also Needs A Brilliant Company Story

Recruitment is marketing. That is why our colleague Aviel Adam Menashe takes care that the first contact with a candidate is impressive and a memorable experience. He knows if the whole recruiting process delivers a marvelous candidate experience, it proactively supports the employer brand.

October 9, 2022

Our colleague Aviel has been working for DONE! since March 2021. As a student of Political Communication, he quickly grew into his new role of HR Consultant and has since taken care of several clients such as Codept, Worldcoin or Diamontech. He assists them to find the best talents for their future growth, support them in planning, understand their needs, and see which solutions are best for them.

Recruiting Is An Important Part Of Employer Branding

While Aviel fills open positions for his clients, he sees employer branding as the biggest challenge, because these young but fast-growing companies lack brand awareness. In addition, they often deal with innovative technologies, challenge the status quo or often break new ground. Therefore, their business and market opportunities in particular need to be explained in detail to applicants. However, this is also a unique opportunity for them if they manage to create their outstanding and special company narrative. For Aviel, employer branding is excellent storytelling - and he needs it to be successful in sourcing talents for his clients.

In addition, it is also about highlighting the unique advantages and benefits of the new employer. That's why Aviel makes it a point to help applicants understand the unique work atmosphere at startups. For example, the many development and creative opportunities, the flexible and independent work, flat hierarchies, the cutting-edge New Work culture and work environment. Moreover, the first contact to an applicant is a great opportunity to create a positive word of mouth about the open job position, the company, its innovative business and culture.

Personal Facts About Aviel

Outside of work, Aviel is interested in politics and the global political economy. He also likes cooking and traveling. Born in Israel, he really enjoys living in Germany and getting exposed to a culture that is very different from the American inspired society he grew up in.

People in his life have defined Aviel as “The Mediator” because he believes in communication, like in business, if there is a will - there's a way! His life experience has taught him that there is always more than one side to things.

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