Alina: A Great Company Culture Leads To Success

One topic that many companies underestimate is corporate culture. For our colleague Alina Malitz, a flourishing company culture is essential for companies to be successful. Read more about her insights.

July 4, 2023

Our Senior Manager Alina joined the DONE!-team in January 2018 and has accompanied many of our clients through their growth phases and related challenges. She has worked with companies such as Doctolib, Axel Springer hy GmbH, LichtBlick SE, QuartersCo-Living, The Quality Group, and many more. Thereby, she combines theoretical expertise with innovation and her gathered best practices to help our clients meet the challenges of the different phases of their business.

The Company Culture Is Essential For Employees' Identity

One of the topics which is dear to her is corporate culture as many companies underestimate this People & Culture's cornerstone. For Alina, a flourishing corporate culture is essential for companies to be successful. And this doesn’t necessarily mean fun team events and Friday drinks but delivering a performance of one’s own conviction. A company is a constantly changing construct, whose structures and processes must always be adapted to the current phase of the company and its environment (both internally and externally).

One must find the perfect balance of providing employees with the right tools and enough structure to be effective in their jobs, but also not stifling them with rigid guidelines that could inhibit their curiosity and creativity. This helps to create more self-motivation, creativity and innovation. The team will learn to think outside the box, to tackle things proactively, to ask critical questions and to ultimately take an active part in the company’s development.

This approach will only be successful if an appropriate corporate culture is established, and very importantly, if this culture is truly lived internally. Company culture impacts employee engagement, attracts top talent, and fosters collaboration. A strong culture built on shared values and ethics drives innovation and shapes the company's brand and identity.

To achieve a great company culture, leaders should focus on defining and communicating core values, leading by example, and fostering open communication. Additionally, investing in a well-prepared on-boarding journey, employee development, recognising achievements, embracing diversity and inclusion, and continuously evaluating and evolving the culture are key.

In practice, experience has shown that a lot of managers realise too late how important this leverage can be for long-term success.

Personal Facts About Alina

Born in Berlin, but she is a world wanderer at heart. During the past few years, she has lived in England, in the US, Australia and Denmark, and traveled to many other places. She is an optimist and believes in the power of positivity. She loves trying new things, is always curious, and probably her own biggest critic. Alina is quite active: She likes doing sports like tennis and HIIT and enjoys discovering small cafés. Therefore, she probably knows the best cafés in every city she has been to so far.

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