Agile Work Starts At HR

HR is the driving force behind the transition of a company to become an agile organisation. For this reason, HR should be the first department to change its self-image. The team should see itself not only as recruiter or labour lawyer, but also to present an agile mindset, enable others to transform and support with coaching.

September 29, 2022

HR should encourage employees to work independently, flexibly, interdisciplinary and in iterations. At the same time, the HR team supports the self-responsibility and self-organisation of all employees and creates the right processes for this. For example: The teams select their own new employees. HR only takes care of the recruiting process. Or: Employees themselves are responsible for their further training. They know best what is important for their career within the company. Thereby HR only takes on a consulting role.

HR Becomes An Agile Coach

Enabling others to take their further development into their own hands shows that HR should also become an agile coach. Especially team leads should be coached, as they are role models for others. Their soft skills should include being flexible, agile, capable of transformation, having a dynamic attitude and supporting their employees. In the process, their management tools are also changing:

  • It is not about assessing the employees any more. It’s about their development and their learnings.
  • Feedback processes should happen more often. If possible, project-related or once a month – instead of once a year
  • Employee goals can also be adjusted flexibly during the year and are based more on collective team goals

Establishing An Agile Company Culture

Furthermore, HR will promote a culture that works across hierarchies and divisions. It is all about networking and active shaping. Employees should develop a mindset that understands change as a permanent condition. To establish such a culture, the following tip is recommended: Basically, treat culture as a product with features as well. In this sense, topics such as values can be (further) developed by using methods like design thinking.

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