Myrto: Every Applicant Is An A-Candidate

Our Senior Manager and recruiting expert Myrto explains what is important to her in recruiting and what companies should consider during their application process.

October 13, 2021

Meet Our Team

Myrto has been with DONE! since December 2015 and has experienced many startups, such as Casper, foodspring or N26, from the inside and is a specialist when it comes to hiring candidates.

To me, every applicant is an A-candidate. I treat every applicant with the same appreciation – regardless of their qualifications. Especially nowadays, around the ‘War for Talents’, no company can afford not to react to negative responses from candidates after the application process or even to ignore uninteresting applications!

Furthermore, every candidate and every interview is a valuable benchmark for decision-making. Even if an interview with a candidate was not successful, it gives the recruiter essential insights and brings him or her one step closer to the final setup. Myrto has often experienced that someone was only ‘OK’ on paper, but finally turned out to be dynamite in the Face-2-Face.

In her experience, a quick hiring process is becoming more and more important for companies – coupled with strong relationship building with the candidates and a unique employer branding. As a result, exactly the opposite happens: Through the close and positive relationship with every candidate, they each become a brand ambassador and will recommend this company to their friends and acquaintances as an employer. There is no better way to advertise than to compete for talent.

Personal Facts About Myrto

Having an engineering background, Myrto sees solutions where others see problems. In addition, she has Greek temperament: loud, cheerful and carefree but also hard-working and confident. Her motto is being loyal and dedicated to the people she respects. Cooking is her absolute passion and you’lI often find her trying to learn some new words in a foreign language. Sunlight and water are her power sources.

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