Our New Work Culture

Since our foundation in 2013, we have had not an office. We exercise a remote, agile and flexible work style. This only works because we share the same values, truly work as a team together and always have several consultants on one project.

October 13, 2021

Our Values

Our remote work style works because our cooperation is based on values that we all share: respect, appreciation, diversity, loyalty, trust, modesty and mutual support. In addition, all of us take responsibility, share knowledge, set the right priorities and have solid quality-and-time management skills.

Our Flexibility

Every team member can decide when and where he or she wants to work. We adapt with flexibility to the circumstances of our employees. For example: If an employee wants to travel across Asia, this is no problem with a six-month advance notice.

Everyone can organise his or her work in the way that suits him or her best. Even a 4-day week is possible with efficient time management.

With us, you don't fit in old-school office structures, but you are in a creative working environment and can work productively in a dynamic team with a flat hierarchy.

Our Cross-Functional Teams

We put together cross-functional teams (consultants and experts from different areas) for our clients, because we know what strengths and passions our employees have and in which areas they want to develop.

Another advantage is that internal knowledge transfer is indispensable for continuous growth, especially to stay curious and not to lose the fun at work.

Correctly implemented, employees as well as our customers benefit from this, as the desired results are of a high quality standard.

Our Flat Hierarchies

Our operational hierarchies are as flat as possible - thanks to a project-based form of organisation. Our teams organise themselves, depending on their seniority. This leads to greater employee participation.

Our Leadership Skills

  • A lot of empathy and relationship building
  • Personal interactions
  • To give and take fairly
  • To have an error culture
  • Mutual training and investing in employees
  • Creating space for learning effects, change and development
  • Giving confidence, but also keeping an overview of the project without falling into micro-management
  • Guiding at a distance
Companies that dismiss these methods will have difficulties in the future to be competitive and attractive for talents - especially for Generation Z. Our New Work culture with networked working across functional and hierarchical boundaries ensures increased productivity and satisfaction of our employees. Thanks to our internal structures, everyone really enjoys their work and feels responsible for the results. New Work creates “aha” effects. It's all about creativity, innovation and productivity - important fields for having fun (employee satisfaction!) and greater employee participation.

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